Flipping out over flipping…

After attending the Flipped Learning conference last week, I am itching to apply my newly learned knowledge. However, in true ADD form, I have no idea where to start. I think, “I’ll flip my level I English classes.” Then I start to peruse the web and all my ideas fall into my reading classes.  Ugghhhh…thank goodness for Twitter and all my recent “follows” because the educators who are out there are so encouraging and helpful.  This is what I have heard:

  1. Don’t expect to be a master at this your first year.
  2. Accept that you may fail in some of the attempts you make.
  3. Your students WILL NOT EXPLODE if you try to flip your lessons.
  4. There is a wealth of knowledge and support for those of us wanting to flip.

So, as I embark on this journey, I pray for guidance and support. I pray that my over-achieving self doesn’t attempt to be Brian Bennett by December 🙂 


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